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About SPA & HOTEL SUISYUN Matsuiyamate

Spa & Hotel Suisyun Matsuiyamate is a one-day and overnight hotel where you can enjoy hot springs. Guests can relax and enjoy a full bath, bedrock bath, meal, fitness, massage and more. The hotel is located in Matsuiyamate, Kyotanabe, south of Kyoto.

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"Hot water of Kyobijin "

natural hot spring in Kyotanabe

We wished that this hot spring where it gushed in the Kyotanabe-shi north can be useful for a healthy life beautifully and named it "hot water of Kyobijin".

Enjoy Suisyun

Some time of the relax
I spend at Matsuiyamate

A sophisticated and relaxing space

Relax in a stylishly designed room. You can enjoy a private open-air bath using natural hot springs in the suite.

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Healed by natural hot springs

Various baths including natural hot springs.

There are 17 different bath facilities including natural hot springs and carbonated springs. You can relax in your favorite bath.

carbonated spring


massage bath


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A bedrock bath that warms and heals from the core of the body.

By lying on the warm bedrock, it warms from the core of your body. There are 6 types of bedrock bunch and healing space. Please enter the Ganbanyoku area wearing exclusive wear. In the Ganbanyoku room,lay a bedrock towel on the floor and lie on it.

<Additional charge>

Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays800 yen

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Relax with the finest recliner.

We offer excellent recliner facilities.

You can relax with a variety of recliners such as a recliner with TV and a sleeping type.Please enter the recliner room wearing exclusive wear.

<Additional charge>

Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays500yen
Hotel guests can use the recliner for free.

Dessert after bath

Enjoy a sweet dessert after taking a bath.

The dessert bar PATIO offers a variety of desserts, including Suisyun signature Kaigori "White Bear Ice". The dessert after the hot spring is also exceptional.

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Japanese Restaurant

Japanese restaurant Suisyuntei

At Suishantei, you can enjoy a variety of dishes, mainly Japanese dishes such as a Sushi,Sashimi,Tempura,Udon.

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Feel free to enjoy sake and dishes

Italian Bar Gonz

At Gonz, you can enjoy Italian cuisine and delicious meat along with sake. Pizza is baked in the kiln in the store.We also offer breakfast buffet and lunch buffet.

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Realx like a dreaming

The best healing time for body care.

Yumemi is the relaxation salon.here are various menus such as body care and foot pots massage (It is said Reflexsology). There is also a beauty treatment salon that can be received in pairs recommended for women.At Yumemi, a healing place, you will relax with your main and heart.


Private rooms for small people from large banquet halls

We have large and small banquet halls.We accept banquets according to the number of people.Of course, banquet cooking courses are also available.

Large parties and events

Private room banquet with a small group

Before bathing
Cut Salon


There is a cut salon on the 2nd floor.

hiar cut  \1,540~

Morning and lunch limited
Morning and Lunch Buffet


For breakfast and lunch only, buffet is held at Italian Bar "Gon's".

【 Morning 】7am~10am(L.O. 9:30am)
【 Lunch 】11am~3pm(L.O. 2pm)


Day trip to the hot springs

Day trip to the hot springs
【regular fee】
【Early morning fee】
adult13 years old or older 1,000yen 800yen
childunder 12 500yen 400yen

※All prices are tax-excluded.

…Early morning fees apply to those who enter from 6am to 9am.
Early morning fees will be applied for up to 3 hours after admission, but please note that normal admission fees will be changed after 3 hours.

※Bathing of infants who do not have a diaper is not allowed.

※Towels are not included (rental face towels and bath towels are available for 200 yen).

additional fee for Recliner

You can only use Recliner room in sets with hot spring.

hot spring Recliner room wear Rental towel
additional fee for Recliner
WeekdaysSaturdays, Sundays, and holidays
adult13 years old or older +300yen+500yen
childunder 12+300yen+500yen

※All prices are tax-excluded.

*Recliners are available for elementary school students and above.

*You can only use Recliner room in sets with hot spring.

*Recliner use includes room-wear, rental face towel, rental bath towel.

*If you exceed 2 o'clock midnight, there will be a late night charge.

additional fee for Bed Rock bath “GANBANYOKU”

You can only use Bed Rock Bath in sets with hot spring.

hot spring Bed Rock Bath "GANBANYOKU" Wear "GANBANYOKU" Towel・Face Towel
additional fee for Bed Rock bath “GANBANYOKU”
WeekdaysSaturdays, Sundays, and holidays
adult13 years old or older +800yen+900yen
childunder 12not available

※All prices are tax-excluded.

※You can only use Bed Rock Bath in sets with hot spring.

Late night charge

If you use a recliner after 2:00 midnight, a separate midnight fee will be required.

Late night charge/caption>
Sun/Mon-ThuFri/Sat/Before the holiday
adult13 years old or older +1,500yen +2,000yen
childunder 12 +1,000yen +1,400yen

※All prices are tax-excluded.

※If you exceed 11:00 the next morning, the admission fee for the next day will be added.

※After midnight, a bathing tax of 75 yen is required for customers over junior high school students.


Postal Code : 610-0356
location : 5-1 Yamate Chuo, Kyotanabe City, Kyoto Prefecture

It takes about 7 minutes on foot from JR Matsui Yamate Station.

How to way From Osaka(Umeda)

JR Kitashinchi station(located Umeda South area) to JR Matsuiyamate station.It takes about 40 minutes by JR.

How to way From Kyoto

From JR Kyoto Station, transfer to Kyotanabe Station to Matsui Yamate Station.It takes about 40 minutes by JR.

B-fit スポーツクラブ

Fitness Gym B-fit

Membership gym with gym area and 3 studios.

Guests staying at the hotel can use our gym from 6am to 9am and 3pm to 6pm.

Guests staying at the hotel can not use the studio lesson .